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Frugi Bekleidung

In 2004 Lucy and Kurt had their first baby, Tom. They decided to put him in cloth nappies as part of their attempt to help the planet out a bit. But they soon discovered that it was incredibly tricky to find any clothes that would fit his big cloth nappy bottom. All the baby clothes in the world seemed to be designed for smaller, disposable nappies.

The only solution, they decided, was to make their own baby clothes, and sell them to other people experiencing the same problem. Their business was born…and they named it Cut4Cloth.

It was always very important to Lucy and Kurt that they ran their business in the best way that they could. That’s why they chose to make their baby clothes from ethically manufactured organic cotton. The clothes were a triumph and parents across the planet were relieved to finally find clothes to fit their own big-bottomed babies.

With things going so well, Lucy and Kurt decided to extend the range. They started making some organic kids clothes, and after their second son was born Lucy realized how rubbish her nursing clothes were so they introduced some breastfeeding wear too.

At that point the name ‘Cut4Cloth’ no longer seemed to fit the bill. So, in 2008 we had a bit of a facelift, and changed the brand name to Frugi which means ‘fruits of the earth’ in Latin.

Frugi's Important be the most desirable and trusted clothing brand on the planet!

Yes, we know the planet's a big place, but we're a fast growing brand with loads of ambition! So here's what we're doing to take us a little bit closer to achieving our mission:

We improve the lives of everybody on Planet Frugi, from the people who grow our cotton to the people who wear our clothes.

We do loads of good stuff, but most importantly we make sure that everybody gets looked after. We choose organic cotton becuase the farmers and their families don't run the risk of being poisoned by yucky pesticides, and the farmers receive a fair price for their hard work. The clothes are made in ethical factories, by adults who receive a proper wage and work sensible hours. But it doesn't stop there, our customers get to dress their little ones in clothes that look gorgeous, don't irritate the skin and that are well designed and hardwearing.

We design clothes that children love to wear.

Our clothes are designed to make children and their parents giggle and smile. We make sure that seams are strong, fabric is forgiving and sumptuously soft (not scratchy) and waistbands don't pinch. Hopefully this means that lots of children all over the planet choose Frugi clothes when they get dressed in the morning.

We always strive to exceed our customers' expectations

We love our customers, so we do everything we can to make sure that they get treated even better than VIPs! We don't always get it right (we may live on Planet Frugi, but we're only human!) but we're always learning and improving, and if we did something well yesterday we'll try and do it even more brilliantly tomorrow. We promise!

We ask, we listen, we understand, we act

Well. we don't want to go charging in like a bull in a china shop...we want to talk to you, find out what you think, get our heads round any new ideas and then make a really good decision. That's why we like talking to you on Facebook and Twitter and reading your reviews and stuff. It's all helping us to build a stronger brand, design even more beautiful clothes and generally get better at what we do.

We have fun along the way!

We've got an incredible team of brilliant people here at Frugi and we're all really passionate about what we do. Yes, we know everybody says that, but it's really true. Honest. We love Frugi! We all pull together, work hard and get things done, which means that there's plenty of time for fun too! So we have a giggle (usually at Kurt's expense!), eat plenty of cake and enjoy being part of a fantastic brand. Yippee!!

Who makes Frugi's clothes?

Our Fab Designers

Lots and lots of lovely people are involved with creating our scrumptious organic clothes. It starts here in Cornwall, with Jeni, Katy and Abigail working busily to produce all the designs, doing lots of drawings and colouring in! Then they bundle all their hard work up into files that they send to the factories.
Our clothes are made in a few different factories in India, Turkey and Portugal. The design team usually head over to see our manufacturers to talk them through the new collections once the designs are done and dusted. They all work together like busy little buzzy bees, making sure that everything is ok with the designs and that everyone understands what's what.

Frugi Farmers

All our clothes are made from organic cotton, grown by our 'Frugi' farmers. In India, these farmers come from a number of rural villages and form part of a great big co-operative. It's a really great thing, and the farmers get a much better price for their fairly traded organic cotton. And of course, the fact that they aren't using nasty pesticides is way better for them and their families - no risk of yucky chemicals being washed into their hut or sprayed over their own food crops :)

The Factory Folk

Once the cotton has been carefully hand picked by the farmers it gets sent to the mill where it gets turned from big fluffy cotton bols into usable cotton yarn, and into fabric that can be used to make the very delicious clothes that we all love so much ;)
All the people who work in Frugi factories are over 19 years old, and they all receive a fair, fixed salary for their hard work and work decent hours. There are now over 500 employees in the factory that we've worked with since we started. That's amazing!! That's a lot of great jobs that have been created. Yippee!

Looking after our cotton farmers

When we're looking for new suppliers we also look very, very carefully at where the cotton comes from and how it is processed because it's so important for us to make sure we look after everybody involved. In places like India this means that the farmers receive a fair trade premium price as well as a higher price for being organic from us. The cotton gets processed by FLO-Cert registered suppliers too before reaching its final destination at the factories ready to be turned into beautiful Frugi garments!

Making sure people work in a happy factory

It's really important to us that all the people involved with making our clothes have happy working conditions and are treated fairly. We've found that the best way for us to make sure of this is by referencing the criteria of the Social Accountability 8000 standard.

When we're choosing new suppliers, we ask that their factories have this SA8000 certification - it goes even further than the social standards laid down in GOTS. For example, our manufacturers supply all their workers AND their families with health insurance, a life-line in a country with no NHS.

Why we use Organic Cotton

We're a little bit in love with organic cotton...we just can't get enough of it! Here's why:

It's much better for you and your little ones

Organic cotton is softer, more breathables and much less likely to trigger allergies and eczema since there are no harmful chemicals against your baby's skin.

It means that farmers and their families have a happier life

Organic cotton farmers don't have to work with poisonous pesticides, and they get a much better price for their crop.

It gives our lovely planet a well deserved break

There are no yucky chemicals involved in growing organic cotton, which is good news for the surrounding eco-system, and it doesn't use nearly as much water as growing conventional or GM cotton (in fact our farmers can pretty much rely on rainfall!)

Scrummy Organic Cotton
Our clothing is certified organic by Control Union, formerly SKAL – probably the biggest and best globally known certification agency on the planet. Our collections are certified to GOTS standards (that’s the Global Organic Textile Standard), which is basically the set of criteria that the Soil Association, Control Union, IMO and many other global agencies have signed up to.
Something many people do not realise is that if your clothing is certified organic to GOTS standards then all areas of the supply chain have been audited to comply with strict social criteria as well. This ensures that a living wage is paid, that employees have the freedom to join unions etc, that they work a maximum 48 hour week, that there is no child labour involved.

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