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About us

We want to create a better future for
children in the world

ImseVimse was founded in 1988 and is based in the Swedish city of Visby, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It began on a small scale and grew from a need that arose when one of my daughters developed contact eczema from wearing disposable diapers. The problem disappeared when she wore cloth diapers.

We provide healthy, textile products
for women and children

Right from the start we have marketed our products on the basis of their benefits to the environment and health. Our aim is to be the most environmentally friendly company in the industry. Our product range and designs develop continuously as we refine, test, and improve our products to meet the needs of families today. In the last few years we have grown rapidly, and we now sell to distributors and retailers in around 50 countries. We aim to have products in stock at all times and we have earned a reputation for rapid delivery. Our smart ordering system is online-based to make everything as easy as possible for our customers.

Strict demands for the environment
quality and working conditions

We develop and source high-quality materials from around the world. For the sake of the environment we have chosen to use cotton that is organically cultivated, so that we can be certain of offering our customers pure products. Production takes place mainly in Europe, primarily in Estonia and Latvia. We impose strict demands on suppliers and manufacturers, and carry out annual checks on the conditions in their factories. We also require that they meet our quality standards, environmental requirements, and working conditions. Our aim is that products should meet the Oeko-Tex standard for textiles and that ImseVimse should be ISO certified.

Kind Regards,

Marie Walleberg

Business Idea and Vision

We provide healthy, textile products for women and children.

We make a difference! Creating a better future for today’s children.



We take an organic, a natural, an ethic and an economic approach to everything we do.

We know our thing and we are efficient. Our extensive knowledge gives us a competitive edge.

We have a common sense approach and our concern for each other, children’s health and the environment is sincere and from the heart. We and our products are for real.

We inspire and assist with joy and energy.

Meeting us should be straightforward and without fuss.
Using our products should be free of hassles.


Hospital in Tanzania
ImseVimse supports through Church of Sweden poor mothers and children at a hospital associated with an orphanage in Tanzania. It’s a "women to women" project in which poor mothers receive a maternity package including baby clothing, baby blanket, wipes and cloth diapers. The products are shipped directly to the hospital without any agent or help organization and a contact person at place ensures that everything goes to the needy.

Contribution to a Kid’s Garden Swing outside the Hospital of Visby, Sweden 2010
Together with Lions Clubs Foundation and a number of Gotlandic companies ImseVimse contributed to a Kid’s "buddy swing" outside the children's section of Visby Hospital.

Regular donations to environmental organization Greenpeace.


We know that many people – parents and women especially – are already aware or would like to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and contribute to a healthier planet. We therefore welcome the opportunity to advise customers and help them make the right choices in order to improve health, save money and ensure a sustainable future for us all.

ImseVimse chooses FSC certified forest
We believe it is important to consider every environmental aspect and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. This is reflected in our new environmentally friendly packaging concept, which uses only 100 percent FSC certified paper.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, international membership organization that promotes social, environmental and economically sustainable forestry around the world. The FSC logo guarantees that packaging, brochures, and the like are made from wood fiber from forests that are managed and felled in a responsible way, and that all production is rigorously inspected.

You can find more information about the global work of FSC at:

What more do we do for the environment?
Since ImseVimse is a company that sells products, we focus primarily on the environmental impacts of our products, but of course we do not forget the rest of the company.

Here are some examples of what we do to reduce our environmental impact:

• We choose Gotlandic wind power for electricity consumption in our office and warehouse.
• We choose organic when we buy groceries and office supplies.
• We switch off all computers and machines when we leave the office for the day.
• We try to minimize our printing and reusing paper.
• We reuse packaging materials and boxes.
• We email the majority of our invoices.
• We sort our trash and leave paper, plastic, metal and glass for recycling.
• The cleaning of our office and warehouse is done with environmentally friendly cleaning products.
• We use electricity from renewable energy sources.
• We print our publications on environmentally friendly FSC paper.
• We email invitations, newsletters and press releases instead of sending them by post.